Soul Empowerment Consultation

The Consultations are geared to assist you to live a Soul Empowered life.  I wish to assist your journey through life, by helping your to determine what where you are, what you need to do, be, or find empowerment for, to truly live your highest Soul Purpose and Calling in this journey, called life.

So many lightworkers feel themselves called to do higher service work, but then do not know how to go about anchoring in this work into physical form.  

We are here first and foremost to manifest our soul mission work into the physical form, to bring heaven down to earth.  Some have blocks about money, and some just need a little help to identify where their skills lie, and how to move forward confidently. 

1.  We will determine what where the blocks are, and what is hindering you from moving forward.  What is it you truly want to do, clarify the next steps you need to take, and then also find a broader vision for your life.  

2.  We will identify your relationship with money, and abundance, and where you might be blocking the flow of prosperity into your life.

3. Negative relationship problems, and how to dissolve them.

4. Unconditional love for self and others.

5.  I will assist you in all and every way I can, as we identify where you are on your soul journey, and determine the next steps so that you can live a Soul Empowered Life.  

 I will provide you with practical tools, which I have found worked for me, and intuitively guide you in whatever way I can, as best I can.

 This is a one hour consultation via Skype.  






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