Higher Healing Webinars


Healing Session: Releasing Old Marriage Vows, Dowry Agreements, etc. Oaths, Vows, Pacts, Blood Vows etc.

During this Webinar we will have a Higher Healing Session.

This is a Higher Healing Session, in which we release all the Old Marriage Contracts, Vows, Dowry Agreements, political, business and family contracts, Oaths and Agreements you may have made through many lifetimes and includes religious institutions in which you may have been a nun or a monk, priest or priestess, etc.  Blood vows, pacts, etc.  

We will then proceed with a very Powerful Cosmic Cleansing and Clearing Meditation which I have used over the years, and indeed is the most powerful one I have ever come across.  Includes Ancestral Healing.

Please note that space is limited:  please book early.

Bookings close on Thursday 29 July 2021 at 6 pm South African time.

When?  Saturday, 31 July 2021.

Time?  6 pm. South African Time.

Where?  Zoom

Duration?  Plus minus 2 hours.

Is this recorded?  Yes, you will receive a recording on the Monday after the webinar.

Please have pen and paper ready so that you can do some exercises and make notes.

Judith Kusel



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