The Vortex Energy cleansing and clearing

Cleansing and Clearing - inside and out

Vortex energyI am sitting here, and my eye being caught by the sunlight on the window of my washing machine, which is busy spinning away and cleaning all my laundry this morning….

And I think: I am the washing being washed by the vortex energy which has been steadily working its way from deep within and without me, in the last 7 years…. It has literally left no strain of me, inside and outside not touched, and last night again – intensive higher healing. It was immense. And as I was shown what was removed from me, I wondered at how much muck we accumulated along the way….

It is not just of this lifetime: - some of it has come over many lifetimes, and always with the self-same souls. Some, has come from over parallel lifetimes and existences…. Some, from ancestral karma, ingrained deeply into our DNA and cells, for there our physical form has remembered whatever came from our parents, grandparents and whoever else. The literally “sins” of the fathers and mothers being carried over, over many generations, and need clearing at this time.

Then, once we have been cleansed within every fiber of our being – we get put into the tumble dryer…. And oh my: - that vortex energy shakes out the rest of ourselves, that we still cling onto!

I love it! For after every major and minor cleansing I am feeling lighter, and brighter and am able to let go.

Some of it was so deeply and profoundly ingrained in my subconscious memory bank, in my soul memory banks, and elsewhere and with each cleansing and clearing another part of me, the higher part of me can move in, where a vacuum has now been created!

I have taught my students techniques in the last few weeks, and every single one of them has experienced this, in one form or another. When we know which tools to use to assist this process, then we also start understanding not to resist being up into the washing machines and the cleansing vortexes that we now streaming and pouring into the Earth.

It is purifying us immensely. It is preparing us for a much higher form of life and a much higher form of existence.

It is removing all the ingrained programming, which we have received (and sometimes inherited) over many lifetimes. Some have to do with those who wished to control us, and implanted control boxes and controlling crystals within us. Some a entities which have attached to our auric field, sometimes we were cursed and visa versa. We even left our bodies, and then it comes to haunt us, sometimes in a physical ailment form.

This vortex mashing machine is literally dislodging it all – and it is bringing in Higher Healing and Higher Understanding and with it and immense change in our physical forms, and our emotional, mental and etheric bodies.

With more and more of this immense cleansing vortex entering the planet, we will find that all starts disintegrating which not of the higher frequencies and vibrations of this energy – and thus this is the cleansing inside out which mankind has waited for, for so long!

I love it when I take my washing out of the washing machine and tumble dryer – it smells and feels so fresh and clean and then I know, that when I next wear a garment – it is like wearing something spruced up and new!

So I rejoice at the new and fresh garments which are now forming inside and outside my body and I open my arms to receive the blessings of this cleansing with all my heart and soul!