The Crystal Pyramid Temple - White

The Crystal Pyramid Temple of the White Flame

Reflections on a Temple rising....

white templeIn all there is Light. Particles of Light. There is that which always was – yet out of complete darkness and no-thing-ness Light was brought forth. From thence all things that have even been have been created. From the first Light soul was birthed and from thence the rest of creation.

When the Golden Age was at its height the Intergalactic Federation decided that because – at last, at that time – the planned experiment of the Races Race on Earth had flourished and reached a high level of beautiful harmony and balance. It was a the peak of contentment – of inner peace and the reflected harmony – that is all-embracing and thus embraces all life as sacred and is AT-ONE with all.

It was then that it was decided to bring in the great Crystal Temple, and huge Crystal and also the White Flame – which would help lift the Planet from the fifth dimension – that it was vibrating on at the time – into the sixth and eventually the 7th.

This was the ultimate aim – for when this planet could obtain this level of evolutionary spiritual development it would then be embrace and made part of the greater whole of planets within this Universe and thus then the Galaxy in itself.

With great anticipation the High Priesthood and the population of Atlantis awaited this momentous occasion. After much scouting from the spacecraft under the Ashtar High Command such a beautiful island was found – just off the Eastern Coast of what is now the Southern Part of the African Continent.

It was the ideal place – for it was then connected to the underground bases and cities that the Intergalactic Federation had used when the planet was still being stabilized for colonization – and thus near enough to be kept under the jurisdiction and control of the Federation – yet also from whence it stood – with the interconnectedness of the 7 other pyramids – which since then have also sunk under the seabed off the African Coast- could form a tremendously powerful energy that could lift the vibrations and frequencies of the whole planet – so that the glory of the Lemurian civilization – (which started off in the 7th dimension) could once more be returned to this planet.

At first the engineers abroad the spacecraft built the massive temple complex. It was housed under the great peaks of the mountain that stood like a huge watchtower over the island. It was a temperate climate and the plant life on the planet was dense and lush. A waterfall falling from its peak, into the plain and formed a massive lake – thus there was plenty of fresh water.

The island, though, was not assessable by water – only spacecraft could land there – as massive cliffs sealed off the island. An invisible shield formed an impregnable layer around the island – so that only those with the highest frequencies, vibrations of love and light and the purest intent could land on the planet. All ships or ocean craft could not navigate the seas – as this was purposely done – as a way of safeguarding this temple of the white flame.

It was consecrated as a holy site and only the acolytes who had passed severe tests of initiation and integrity and were on the path of dedication to the ATONENESS and the Law of One could enter and work from there.

At the base of the mountain then, a huge concentric circle formed the base of this complex. On the outer reaches of the circle the homes and abodes of the acolytes formed the outer ring. The circle in itself was divided into four equal parts with the circle in the middle forming the base for the massive foundation on which the crystal pyramid stood.

The next ring then house the 12 High Priests: 6 Men and 6 Women – so that here the balance between the sexes could be obtained. They were not allowed to marry – as here the provisional service was to be a pure channel to the Divine Source and a life of Higher Service – as family and spouses could distract from the ultimate service.

One needs a balance of both – as the male energy is always complementing the female. Yet it was the female High Priestesses that acted as the pure channels to the Divine Source – thus also channelling the messages from the Council of 12 that sit on the advisory board of the Divine Source and the Intergalactic Federation of the Great White Brotherhood of the Great White Flame.

As such this temple then stood under the overall command of the High Priest Thoth (who later became the Ascended Master Serapis Bey) and the High Priestess Isis.

The next circle then housed the Halls of Records and Halls of Wisdom – thus all the history of this Planet and this Galaxy – as well as other Sacred Records and the Crystal Skulls were all housed in this complex.

They were kept up to date by the Priests and Priestesses working under the two Main High Priests and then under the oath of secrecy – as these records were considered so holy that their contents could not be revealed or allowed to fall into the wrong hands. (Here bearing in mind that after the fall of Lemuria – the Intergalactic Federation were always aware that Darkness was after these records – as at the time already the clouds were gathering.)

The inner circle then housed the ceremonial chambers and the administrative chambers. In the innermost sanctuary the 12 High Priests and Priestesses would gather to discuss matter pertaining to the evolution of the Planet and what needed to be done to raise the consciousness of this Planet. Each and every one of these were given a Key – consisting of the same substance that formed the huge Crystal within the Temple of the White Flame and then was programmed so that only that particular High Priest or High Priestess could access the information contained within.

This was done as a precautionary measure – so that only when all twelve came together AS ONE could the THIRTEENTH and MASTER KEY which was held by the over-lighting Ascended Master (who always attended important meetings) be activated – it then could be used for immense purposes – some would call it magic in your world now – but it was mainly used for manifestation and also for activating energy centres and grids – and also to raise the consciousness of the planet. It held all the records of this planets and well as all the hidden information – so an immensely powerful tool as with it came the control of the weather as well as the water resources and all other information which would be lethal if used by the dark forces for self-gain.

On the inner circle then, the foundations of the crystal temple were built. A huge amount of pure glistening WHITE crystal was imported from Andromeda – who donated this crystal – known for its immense channelling abilities and purity found nowhere else in Creation – and from this the Pyramid was built. It was massive.

In the middle the main Crystal stood – immensely huge and also from Andromeda. It vibrated at extremely high frequencies and thus only those who could match the frequencies of this crystal could even enter the sacred room in which it was housed.

It emitted an immense white flame which was visible for miles from the outer reaches of the oceans. Yet, as said, only those who were chosen for the immense and important task could enter the premises – everyone else was forbidden to enter.

In a sense then this crystal temple was the hub – or the gateway, which then connected this planet to other galaxies and also a direct link to the Divine Source.

The galaxies here being referred to as those affiliated with the Great White Brotherhood and the Over-lighting Ascended Master in charge at that time: being Sanat Kumara from his retreat at Shamballah. Thus, it is in this capacity that he has always worked in close conjunction with Serapis and also with Archangel Metratron. In fact they form a triad and this is a sacred triad and one of immense power and importance.

Bearing in mind the Vywamus is the Higher Self of Sanat Kumara your connections here and to Lord Ashtar goes very far and very deep as do the connections to Shamballah, Luxor and also Andromeda, as well as the connections to the Great White Brotherhood of the White Flame – to which you have always stayed loyal and are an important member of.

It is from this temple that the communications and instructions were carried out. It was from here that great amounts of Light were beamed out through all the energy grids and ley lines across the whole planet and the same controlled. It also fed the same energy into the underground space stations and the underground cities. All were interconnected and ATONE and thus the outer and inner worlds were ONE and the SAME.

Most of those Beings working on this Island came from the galaxies, universes and solar systems affiliated to the Great White Brotherhood of the Great White Flame. Most of them came from Venus – as Venus had been colonized by the Beings from Andromeda and the Pleiadas, mostly as well as others like Sirius and Orion.

The pyramids in this system (the 7) were all interconnected to the other pyramids in the Giza Plateau, as well as all over the African Continent, Asia, Europe (especially referring here to the Pyrenees) and also the Americas.

Some were on the landmasses now sunk underneath the sea – but all were interconnected – the Giza ones being apart from the Temple of the White Flame the heartbeat of the rest, but in CONJUNCTION with those at Kaapse Hoop – which were also 7 in all and you will help to reactivate them when the time is ripe.

In the daily activities much of the focussed was placed on meditation, ceremonies and channelling of important and vital information. Also the recording of ALL information pertaining to this planet, this solar system, this Universe and Galaxy.

It was from here that the High Priests and Priestesses then liaised with those in Atlantis as to the ongoing administration and education of its inhabitants. They often would introduce new technology to these – also actively involved in the astrological charts as well the programming of the crystals used for technology in Atlantis.

The High Priest and Priestess in charge always had to focus on keeping the shield around the island in place and monitoring the others on the island and the information – so that the really important information was kept in the inner circle of 12 and the others just fed enough information so that the whole could function. Again as a way of ensuring that vital information should not reach the dark forces and then abused for own use.

This then so far as the Temple is concerned. More information will be released as this progresses