New Life: Changing forms....relationships...

Making beautiful music together!

New lifeWe are essentially at this time in the changeling phase of life itself…. Whatever was before does not serve us or the planet anymore.

A lot of us are visionaries and we have had visions of a better life and a better way of relating and Being, all of our lives. I have always known that I have come in to make a difference in my own unique way and in the last few years, I have had the courage to speak out what is innermost within me and to share this with the world, mainly because I know it is time and that we all need to have a new sense of direction and new love in our lives, which goes beyond the norm and the boxed-in thinking and acting of society at large.

Just as we have to now pave a whole new way of life, which is holistic and in tune with the planet and not destructive, disruptive and whatever, we have to pave new ways of tuning into our heart center and then, to go beyond all of this and tune into the heart center of the planet, and then also the heart center of cosmos.

I believe that the reason why there is so much turmoil and breakdown in relationships lately is that we are changing at the core. Deep down within us, the shift is happening, from the masculine dominated rule of society for thousands of years, where the feminine was feared and squashed, and moving into the more feminine aspects, of intuition, creativity, nurturing and then the using of our inner guidance and honing systems, which of course all link up with the eye of Horus – the third eye – which in truth has multiple layers and those layers – or veils lift more and more as we raise our own consciousness and step up our own frequencies and vibrations.

I believe that all of this breaking down in communication, in relationships, in society etc. is very necessary. The old has to be destroyed, or rescinded, in order for the new to be seeded, rooted and sprout into beingness.

Breakdowns can be very painful, and can strip us bare to the very core. Not one of us likes to have pain in our lives nor likes to have to examine then, the root cause of that pain, and have so many mirrors reflecting back to us, of that we have not loved and made peace with in our lives.

The fact is that every single relationship serves as MIRRORS and serves to remind us to look DEEP within, and see where that character trait or thing which most irritates, hurts, or angers us about another, is reflected deep within ourselves. We cannot be ALL light at this moment in time on the planet, when we do not acknowledge our DARK side, which is there in order for us to FIND BALANCE.

A lot of people are nice on the outside and try to please everyone and keep everyone happy, but deep inside of them, everything is churning, and every slight and every hurt and every anger, is there deeply buried and never released. One day, there happens to be a volcano erupting, and then most of the time, the persons who had caused all that anger, hurt, slights, or whatever stand astounded: - mostly because the person NEVER spoke up, never had the courage to stand in their own truth and power, and put healthy boundaries down. Or, that eruption might comes in the form of illnesses, where cells have hardened, or growth occurs or pain and discomfort is felt… Many times these hurts are brought over from other lifetimes, and then manifest as pain in the bodily forms of this lifetime.

I don’t want to go deeper into this subject, but I wish to merely awaken you to the fact, that no-one is perfect while living on this planet. I always wanted to be perfect, and have everything perfect, but then had to live with the imperfection which was all there in and around me. I am now learning to embrace my imperfections, and love myself unconditionally – imperfections and all. Since then, I am finding inner peace, love and serenity, which is there, even if I become upset, or angered, or am in pain…. I have learnt to get back into balance and acknowledge the pain, the anger, etc. and embrace them as wonderful teachers who teach me to get back to the state of unconditional love and acceptance of myself.

A lot of people are stressing the return of the Divine Feminine, but one has to remember, that essentially the Divine Feminine, is about unconditional love and acceptance. Yes, men did awful things to womanhood, raped, and abused us, and did whatever else…. Often we were totally helpless – but let us never forget that some women serve in the armies of the world, and are anything but gentle and nurturing and kind. I know for instance for a fact that some armies use WOMEN to train their crack troops, for women then to have LESS MERCY THAN MEN – now there lies the shadow, which we have to embrace!

Instead of blaming manhood for all our woes on this planet, let us learn compassion and unconditional love and acceptance and let us learn to take manhood deep inside of us, and then to TEACH them love, by creating beautiful music together and let this music then soothe the hurts and pain and bring us into the higher state of consciousness, where the male and female aspects of life are beautifully balance and we are at peace.

I used to sing in choirs (I had a beautiful soprano all my life – I regret that I lost my voice in the Middle East and can’t sing anymore). I used to love practicing with the men – mostly because I loved the way the deep bass and the tenor, would blend in with the high notes of the soprano, bringing in the beautiful deep undertone and harmonies into the music, which the alto and sopranos can’t produce or make. I used to get tears in my eyes, when the men sang with such joy and from their hearts – reminded here of my first love, who had this wonderful deep bass and who used to sing with me…. It made for heavenly music…


When we learn to make beautiful music together, then we will learn to extend that music to the planet and to all of life!

This is what the rebirthing and rising of consciousness is all about!

Will you join me in song? Will you join me in the opening up of our hearts and soul and in creating new and beautiful harmonious songs together?