Cosmic Changes

Rising frequencies and expanded cosmic Being

cosmic changesImagine a huge energy field, 100 billion times the size of Planet Earth, moving in on us… It has been in the Milky Way Galaxy for some time, and it is a massive, vortex like energy, which is oval in form, and which is vibrating at an enormously high frequency band, which affects ALL of life and life forms, with its potency.

Now, imagine Planet Earth cut in half, and then see that in the center, the same oval shape repeats itself, as there, in the inner realms of the Earth, there is a massive settlement. This is Agartha, the inner civilization, unaffected by what is happening OUTSIDE on the surface, but being light-years ahead of us in consciousness.

Then imagine from the OUTER crust of the inner oval, the rest of planet Earth, as filled with pulsating pockets of energy centers and all of this is connected by what looks like wires… This is the WEB of LIGHT and the planets whole energy systems and frequency bands are all interlinked here….

Now close the picture again, and see then the whole of Planet Earth in front of you, with the continent of Africa in the middle….. Now as you have a spinal cord, so planet Earth has a spinal cord, and it reflects the same 33 vertebrae that we have….. Then look and there you will find that the planet as 12 chakras, and in ancient times, this used to 72. At the moment only 7 chakras are barely functional, and the others are slowly being opened up by the Light workers around the world….

Now, imagine this huge energy field from outer space, starting to come closer and closer to the planet…. And how it starts affecting the frequency bands of the planet and ALL of life within and on the outside of her….

The higher the frequency band, the higher the vibration, and when the darker and denser the substances, when they get into contact with such a high frequency band, will start DISINTEGRATING as it CANNOT HOLD THE FREQUENCY OF SUCH A DENSE BODY…..

This is then happening to Planet Earth and will happen as we step through this portal. We are stepping into the higher frequency band and then will be pulled up, with all life forms into a much higher state of evolvement and frequency bands…. Whatever cannot hold this higher frequency then disintegrates. This is what we now sensing and is already happening here on planet Earth.

A lot of us have had to learn to let go in the last few years. This has served us tremendously, for it has served us, to raise our frequency, to not be attached anymore and to know that there is more to life, than the very restrictive notions of what the physical world is selling us… as this is not the truth…. Only a tiny particle of the immensity of the whole…

We cannot afford to lag behind anymore… We cannot afford to have one foot in the 3E and one foot in the 5D…. We are going to get sucked up into this massive energy field and we will be transformed into something else…. Thus assuming a different life form but most of all a different form of life in a much higher frequency band which will be in alignment with a much higher state of consciousness and dimensional frequency band. Life, as we know it now, cannot sustain life at that frequency band…. Their souls might cling to that illusion, as ghosts do, who still believe that the world was at it was when they had physical body and now are too scared to leave the earth plane, because of being too attached to the material world.

There is a massive of energy inflow via southeastern Africa into the HEART centers and the SPINAL cord energy centers of the world. This is because the ancient openings to the inner bowls of the planet are via this part of Africa…. Yet so carefully hidden, that no satellite can detect it and nobody will be allowed to ever find it, which will abuse and misuse this for their own agendas.

We now are asked to consciously step up in our mediations, and then to bring in more and more blinding white light into our whole spinal cord, vertebrae by vertebrae, and then our chakras, all 12 of them. Some are already stepping up to 24, 36 and eventually all 72 chakras will be functional again. It is crucial to stay in the heart and in unconditional love, and to stop ourselves labeling people, but to truly know that no matter what they do, if it is fear-based it will not be able to enter the portals of the new existence.

I feel great compassion and love for those who are stuck and all one can do is hold them in love and light. They do not understand and never will. Yet, that is their own soul choice, and so be it! We may not intervene with their free will, whatever happens.

We have to learn to let go of all attachments and all which is still holding us prisoner or from truly stepping into our higher soul self. We cannot cling to anything anymore… all is changing and all is dissolving and the new is starting to form!

What a time to be alive and well and on Planet Earth!