Amplifying the energy of your Soul Reading/Twin Flame Reading

This message is vector specific for those of you who have had SOUL or Twin Flame Readings with me here are some tips to help you to raise your consciousness tenthousand times;

1. Take your soul name (remember it is pure energy) and then write down each Divine attribute, gifts and talent which you were created for and meditate on it. Ask the Divine and your Highest Guidance to show you how you can fully activate these in the highest possible service. Keep a journal, and then jot down everything, as it comes. Then ask to be used in the Highest Possible service and if you like, that all lesser pathways be closed and only the Highest Pathways for your soul to remain. I have done this many times, and it has truly been worthwhile the effort and discipline to do this. Remember though if you surrender to this, and ASK for this you will shift and so will your life!

2. Your galaxy of origin (even if listed more than one, for within the 12 Master Galaxies there is but ONE single consciousness state) is there for you to tune into, and again, ask your Higher Guides to reintroduce you to your true galactic family. This will anchor in your mission even more, for now you start tapping into your support base. You can call upon them anytime, and remember that in your sleepstate you are reunited with them.

3. The Tonal chord, is there to fine tune your soul - literally. It means that if you hum, chant, or even listen to meditative music in that chord, the SOUND vibration will activate the keys and codes of your soul WITHIN you.

4. The Soul Colours give you the colors your soul vibrates to. Wear them, use them in your sleeping and living areas, working places, and it will energize your whole Being.

We have been created in immensely wonderful and intricate ways and this truly to me, is a living testimony to the magnificence of Divine Creation for we were all perfectly made!
(Judith Kusel)